All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cornershop- Simple food made exotic

9 Ballarat Street
(03) 9689 0052
Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner




Thanks to a MIFF venue at the Planetarium, I had to google for a good place to eat on the Western side of Melbourne. I was tossing between Dig a pony and Cornershop and thought, the latter would be better. :) I was not in the mood for tapas and wanted real wholesome meal.

Without any reservation, we braved the Westgate bridge, the rain, new roads and finally walked into this dark , candle-lit restaurant. They looked at us poor souls and decided to squeeze us in. So I say, reserve before coming, we were just happened to be lucky that night. 

I went there with knowledge that it serves Mediterranean but I was not prepared when I read on their menu of Ducks and Pork bellies, which sounds familiarly Asian for me. The menu was comprehensive, more than 10 choices of mains which starts from above $12, if I can recall. I say that is an excellent deal for a beautiful, quality ambiance and food! I think both Nic and me were spoilt for choice to what to have. What we thought would take take a couple of minutes to choose ended up for more than 10, and thats when we asked the friendly waitress to help.

Apparently their popular dish was the DUCK, but neither of us ordered that but instead, Nic ordered the Pork Belly on a heaps of Cabbage and me the Meatballs garnished with parmesan on a bed of Rockets with Turkish bread. We also ordered haloumi but it took too long and they kind of forgot, so we cancelled it.

Our verdict? Very good serving size- not too big or too small. The Pork Belly according to Nic was not so crispy as she thought it would be and the cabbage in Soy, was overwhelming, but beautiful. For me, The combination of meatballs and turkish bread actually works well. And the hint of parmesan was an interesting twist to the meal. The sauce was also very Mediterranean with very Moroccan flavours in it.

Will I come back? I will if I have to go West! :) 

PS: Cornershop is very well known for their breakkie more than anything. 

1) Wholesome fusion of Mediterranean and everything else.
2) Reasonably priced!
3) Very nice Interior
4) Friendly staff
5) Ample parking near the station at the back

1) Must make reservation
2) Make sure they serve all your order.

Price- low-medium
Food- 4/5
Service- 3.5/5
Ambiance- Contemporary Retro
Accessibility- 4/5

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