All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Its been yonks since I dedicate myself to writing in here. But I've been busy working and saving up for Europe.

Right now I am in Berlin and spending my last couple of days here just chillaxing after exhausting myself from constant exploration of this exceptionally historical city.

Today, the husband and me decided to go to Kottbusser Tor station in the area of the infamous PUNK suburb - Kreuzberg SO36. Of course only remnants of the period can be seen here and there together with the amazing diversity of people and culture. Besides, its punk history, it was also one of the biggest settlement for the Turkish people when Germany were looking for masses of people to work in their Industries. When the wall came down, Everyone decided to happily co-exist together.
One of the great characteristic of Kreuzberg is the amazing Graffiti work around the neighbourhood, the constant buzz of people, beautiful ornate and industrial train stations and food!

To me Kreuzberg is a perfect melting pot of everything and that brought me to the magnetic visual of LASAN RESTAURANT. We passed there a few days back while galavanting around the area but were too tired to stop  but I had enough time to scan the pictorial menu and kept in mind about coming back.

So today, as me mossy out of the studio apartment at 2pm, we decided to go to LASAN to eat our super late lunch. LOL.

Address:Adalbert st. 96 ,Kreuzberg U8 U1 Kottbusser Tor Berlin, 10999 Berlin
Telephone: 030 69 81 40 98
Hours: 10am-12am daily
Lasan is located really close to the Kottbusser Tor train (U1/U8 line) station under these amazing oldskool architectural crescent building I assumed from the 70's or something ( please correct me if I am wrong). Its so retro crazy. lol.

Anyway, when I first saw the menu, I was a bit confused- was it Iranian? Afghani? Its definitely not Turkish. It also have Tandoor which is very much towards the Northern Indina stylings. ( Basically all these area are interconnected due to cultural history)

So after looking at the menu for a longggggg time, we decided to order a Mixed Meat 'Teller' ( normally means like a meal on a plate with several choices) with  with  tandoor bread and Briyani instead of rice (which we had to pay extra for). I especially got OVERTLY excited while waiting to see how it came.

The gorgeous red lipped big eyes waitress later came and served us each a bowl of what it may be pumpkin nut-garlic-potato-tomatoey creamy soup  to start with. I was not sure if it was curry to dip our bread in at first and later after tasting it realised it was soup. The soup was delicious and totally different in herbs character to most soup I've tasted. It was nutty, creamy and very very wholesome.

Our meal came out one after another, First the meat platter, then the bread, lastly the briyani. The table looked Oh so spectacular. My eyes popped out hungrily-After eating frugally for weeks and now a whole splendour of colourful pletora of gorgeous food on your table? I am sold. LOL.

The meat platter came with the basic mediterranean salad of cucumbers, mint, tomatoes. The meat was lamb chunks, a lambchop, chicken chunks and I think a mixed meat mince /kofte-kebab thingy. Meat were all tender and fresh, grilled in their tandoor oven.

The bread was beautifully freshly woodfire tandoor oven baked in the restaurant. ( we can see the guy doing it behind the front windows) The bread looks like a crossbreed of 'Naan'  and "Afghani long 'holey" bread.

As a chilli freak, we asked for chilli, in whihc they gave us 2 versions, A chilli paste thingy and cut green chillies. The chilli/spicy sauce was also very different, I've never had that flavour - sweet, fragrant and spicy, before.. Its not really like Asian or Harissa but with the similar sambal consistency- very beautiful.

When we finished our meal, we were also given tea. in small little glasses- something I adore from the Arab world. heheheh.

Ok, guess where did the food come from?

IRAQ but from the Kurdish culture. It's amazing how similar food are but not really.

1) Amazing spread of menu
2) Very Friendly staff- venue is children friendly

5) Many seats available. Big area. You can also probably booked the back courtyard for sunctions due to the sheer size of the place.

1)The area is very raw for some who are less adventurous ( i dont really consider this a downside but it is for some?)

Price- medium 
Food- 5.5/5
Service- 5/5
Ambiance- Raw/Exotic
Accessibility- 5/5


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