All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Balkh Takeaway, Afghan Charcoal Kebab & Bakery***

Afghan Wood Oven handmade fresh bread!

Rice( Pilav style) with Chicken garnished with cameralised carrot and raisins

Kebab set - 4 pieces of Kebab, Salad and Bread

Balkh Takeaway, Afghan Charcoal Kebab & Bakery
256/258 Thomas Street
Dandenong VIC 3175
Tel: 9794 5558
Open 7 days -11am- 9pm

In the recent years, we see the rise of the Afghan community in the Australian scene- many escaped as refugees due to oppression and war at home. One of the most highly populated suburbs in Melbourne with the vibrant community is Dandenong. 'Afghan Bazaar' is a strip on Thomas street dedicated to them.

Balkh Takeaway is one of the many takeaways you will find there. Its spreads include beautiful freshly handmade oven baked Afghani Breads, Pilav styled Rice, Charcoal Chicken and Lamb and Chicken Kebabs/Souvlaki. The kebabs are chunky and $3 a skewer, Rice Pilavs $5 and the most expensive are the Kebab set that includes 4 kebabs, Bread and Salad at $14.

Whenever I get the chance, I would also take home freshly baked bread after the meal. In my humble opinion Afghan Bread is much better than The Turkish ones. Afghans are long ovals with holes and have a more spongy/rubbery texture. It's double the size of the Turkish bread and cost only $1.50!

We normally order the kebab set and also the rice and chicken. Its really really really good and healthy due to cooking style. The service staff are friendly and they do speak English So don't worry too much about communication or going into a culturally different environment.

IF you are wondering how does it taste? Well, Afghani food is very much similar to Persian, Turkish and a little of Indian, taste wise, but not so overtly intense. Safe for those who are normally scared to venture into foreign territory!:P

Also, don't forget to order the traditional 'chai'- black tea infused with beautiful spices to wrap up your meal!

Price- low- medium
Food- 4/5
Service- 4/5
Ambiance- no frills but very clean
Accessibility- 4/5
CASH ONLY, although there is ATM machines and banks on the main road.

**Suitable for small to large size groups
**Train stop- Dandenong station - heaps of buses pass by as well.

It may seem unreal to know that the first Afghans came to Melbourne was in 1860. They were extremely skillful cameleers that helped in transporting goods/ materials to build railroads and go on inland expeditions. It is a fact that after their arrival with camels, Australia is now the biggest breeding ground for wild camels in the world, more than the Middle East!


  1. This is one of our favorite places to eat. Their kebab is one of the best in town. They are always cooked to perfection. The meat is so tender. I think they have another branch in Frankston (the owner told me). Once you taste their kebabs (cooked on a skewer), you would never want to try other kebabs again. Highly recommended.


  2. Thanks Fir for the input!! :)

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