All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silk Road Uighur Cuisine***

Sometimes, in the most unlikely places, you will find the best place to eat. The exterior and road does not seem conducive, but the food is so full of homely goodness.

Uyghur Bread with tender lamb chops

Spicy chicken and potatoes, Stir Fried Handmade noodles in the background

Vegetable Steamed Buns, Lamb Skewers

Sam and Deb enjoying the skewers

Fresh homeamade Uyghur Yoghurt

Silk Road Uighur Cuisine
97 Atherton Road
Oakleigh, 3166
Tel: 9569 5754
Open only for Dinner- 5:00pm-9:00pm

Recently there is a growth spurt in Uyghur cuisine or food from the Xinjiang province in Australia. I guess one can say their migration is due to the political situation in their homeland and coming to Australia gives them the right to continue living without prejudice.

I remember the first place I went to, was in Sydney. The interior looks like a set in ARABIAN NIGHTS with exotic looking people. The food was a fusion of Afghan, Arab, Chinese and Central Asian. Their basic ingredients are spices like red pepper flakes, salt, cumin seeds and pepper and the fat of the meat for flavoring(due to their climate, this is the best way to keep warm, hence the extensive lamb use in their food). Best thing about Uyghur food is the distinct flavours and their handmade noodles. Nobody can make noodles as amazing as them, seriously.

When we are at Silk Road Uighur, we normally order 'Spicy Chicken and Potatoes' main with handmade noodles. A small one is $18 and $35 for large, but do not be fooled, this Small portion is actually made for 3 people. Its so huge, its incredulous.We also enjoy their kebabs which starts at $2 a skew- Lamb or Chicken wingette, cheaper and spicier than the Afghan counterpart.

With a big group, I suggest you try different things on the menu. We also like their Lamb and Onions home made pastry($10), Fried Dumplings with Lamb and pumpkin ($10), Uyghur Bread with tender lamb chops- this one is amazing!!!($13), dumpling in Soup- very different($15) and do end your banquet it with a beautiful Uyghur yogurt, $2, which tastes like Lassi but cheaper than Lassi.

If you wish, you can also pre-order Roasted leg of Lamb to eat with a big group, just ensure that you book 24hrs in advance! They do takeaway and Functions too.

I've been to a few Uyghur/Xinjiang eateries and I feel this is one of the best as its very oldskool, homely- you get to talk to the proprietor and see her little son running around the restaurant. Earlier tonight, we even got to see the cute grandma that looks like as if she jumped out of one of the traditional paintings they have on their walls!

1) Cheap and honest good homely food
2) Its location is very accessible
3) Its a BIG GROUP happy dinner type of place

1) Open only for dinner
2) If you are into interior, this place might look to shabby for you, but do remember sometimes, the best food comes from the shabbiest place!

Price- low to medium
Food- 4/5
Service- 4/5
Ambiance- old 60's wooden deco with Uyghur traditional elements.
Accessibility- 4/5, Opposite Oakleigh Centrelink.
**Train- Oakleigh Station
**Suitable for 1-10 people


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