All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Simon's Peiking Duck Restaurant

15 pieces of DUCKS, 15 pieces of pancakes, 15 pieces of spring onions, 15 pieces of cucumbers and a bowl of beautiful PLUM SAUCE!

So the pancake is like a clock's face. Placed everything at 3oclock and then fold in the 12, 6, 9 after one another to make a pocket and eat!

The slicing technique. Clean and fast!

Debs and Simon. (check out his ROLEX) :)

Simon's Peiking Duck restaurant
197b Middleborough Rd
Boxhill South Vic 3128

Phone: 03 9898 5944

Ducklovers, this is one of the ultimate Peking Duck Experience in Melbourne. Simon, the owner is a Timorese who learnt the Art of peking Duck at Dragon Seat restaurant and later migrated to Old Kingdom in Collingwood. This is where he built a culinary reputation of his DUCK and given the nickname DUCK NAZI. He later left the restaurant as they were compromising his DUCK quality. This my friends, is a true passionate artist who love his Art.

I, a DUCK obsessed-fan since young became even more passionate since I moved to Melbourne. Here, again we can find many Peking Duck places in Melbourne. But this one is quite exceptional. Again its a little more pricey than your average resto but what this guy provides is HIGH QUALITY, entertainment and nice roasted duck at its best.( the duck prep takes 2 days!!!!!)

When Deb, Charmaine and me went over on a Monday night and the joint was packed and this is a good sign- it means its popular! One would have to order the duck at least 2 days in advance. We called in on Friday and were told they only do 2 seating for dinner. Its either at 630pm or 8pm but lucky us, we managed to get in at 730pm.

There are 2 duck menu options. A duck is good for 2-3 people. Price is about $55 for the 3 course option which is soup, duck and stir fried beansprouts. Then there's the choose your own noodle option replacing the beansprouts- cost $63.

So, why the DUCK NAZI?

1. He flips the pancake skin onto your plate from a corner and you have to catch it!
2. He then tells you the appropriate way of wrapping your duck using the face of the clock!
3. You can only have 15 pieces of pancake and duck. No more and no less.
4. If you asked for more.... well, i think nobody dares to do so! LOL

1) Cleaner looking than most Chinese Restaurant
2) Possibililty of being served by Simon himself, which we had and it was entertaining as hell. Its worth the $$$ seriously.
3) Timorese food on the MENU!
4) I am unsure if this is a up or downside BUT they serve Soup last! Apparently its good for your digestive system this way!

1) Cash only policy. So make sure you bring lotsa cash!NO ATM in sight except for a block down where there is a gas station. I was too lazy to walk there after eating, seriously!
2) The normal bad service by Chinese waiting staff at any Chinese restaurant in the world! hehehahah
3) More accessible by your own private transportation.
4) You get only 1 regular plate of noodles for the meal.( No you cannot ask for more!)
5) Limited parking

Overall, Its a great place and have a good mix of clientale. I would definitely be back in a couple of months!

Food 4.5/5
Ambiance 3.5/5
Price 3/5
Accessibility 2/5
*Suitable for small to super big groups


  1. wahhhh!!! such an organised and informative blog :) you can take over my job!

  2. hahahahah. Thanks Debs! I had to do this- my destiny? LOL.