All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Buckley's Chance, Sorrento

Buckley's gorgeous Wildberry Pancakes with vanilla ice cream

Carrot cake

Cheese cake

Maheyrin digging into Buckley's Chance's famous pancake in Sorrento

Buckley's Chance
174 Ocean Beach Road
Sorrento Victoria 3943
Phone: 03 5984 2888

Buckley's Chance
is basically a cafe that was named after one of the early English settlers/convict that came to Australia. He was left for good in the Bush, where people thought he wouldn't survived. Instead he began to adapt the Bush way of living hence, had a chance to carry on living for a long time. His crime? He was caught with a bolt of stolen cloth.

I am a very frequent customer at Buckley's as it is a friendly place. The main reason we started going there ever so often was because it is closed by the holiday home I worked at in Tootgarook(Mornington Peninsula) and very accessible for the disabled who are physically challenged and are in special wheelchairs. Each time we were there, they would especially open for us a special huge door at the back for easier access for the clients.

We had, time and again just had coffee and lunch but last weekend, after seeing so many people coming in for pancakes, we just had to order them. It is after all, what made them famous. We got the WILDBERRY pancake,$16 -mixed berries, vanilla ice-cream to share between 2 people. It looks so gorgeous that you just want to jump right into it. Vanilla ice cream was smooth, berries were abundant, the 2 thick stack of pancake were nice and fluffy. The berry sauce I thought needed more sugar and was not thick enough! :)

The clients also ordered their cheesecake and carrot cake.I forgot to check how much they cost but I guess its about $6-12 each for the cake, which are displayed at the counter. They are quite petite in sizes but taste very good.

They also serve good Chai and also sell some homemade goodies from the shop. Like Raspberry Jam, Chutney, Chai in Cannisters. Price for them starts at $7.50. More details on their website.

1) Clean and nice interior- beach stylings.
2) Good sized servings
3) Friendly service and able to cope with different dietary, gluten free, nut free
4) family, kids and disabled-friendly environment

1) Location is at the end of Sorrento's famous Shopping strip, most people might not even get that far to realised its there on the corner.
2) Two dining areas, they normally closed the nice area if the cafe is empty
3) Parking can be quite difficult during weekends and holiday season.

Price- medium
Food- 4/5
Service- 4.5/5
Ambiance- Beachy, fresh and modern, best for desserts,coffee and brunch.

*Suitable for 1-20 people at one time with joint tables if necessary.

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