All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

All we want is to eat at the end of the day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Freshly baked Vietnamese Breads and Rolls

Front Window. Cute old men having coffee and bread!

Sandwich Rolls

Bread Counter. Check out the Yummy Cheese rolls at 70cents and Vienna at $2 in teh background!

Freshly baked Kaiser, French and Knot Rolls

Huntingdale Hot Bread Kitchen*
284A Huntingdale Road
Huntingdale, Vic 3166

A friend once told me that the French go to Vietnam to learn to bake their bread right. I was astonished by this but apparently after eating them for a couple of years, I totally get it.

In Melbourne, we are very lucky to have a huge multicultural population. When the Vietnamese refugees migrated over here in the mid 70s, we didn't know they would contribute so much to our table.

There are many Vietnamese bakeries scattered around Melbourne. Almost every suburb will have at least one. The ones that I have been patronising lately is the one in HUNGTINGDALE. Normally you will know its a Vietnamese bakery from how it looks. Normally very oldskool and a sign that says HOT BREAD:Croissants will be one of them listed on the glass, most definitely, as they make damn yummy one.

Best thing about them breads is the fact that they are always light, fluffy and extremely cheap. The ones I normally buy includes Croissants, French stick or Baguette, Kaiser rolls, French rolls, Dinner rolls, Knott rolls. Rolls started at 40cents, cheese sticks at 70 cents and croissants $2 each. A bargain in Melbourne. Normal bread starts at $1!

The difference with these bread when compared to the Western counterpart is the fact:


1) They use a different sorta flour. Chris who is sensitive to Gluten and Wheat normally survived well with them.
2) Softer and fluffier, as most continental bread are usually hard.
3) Cheap and great to eat as it is, or with spreads for any meal of the day


1) If you are late, there's none left
2) If you want something organic, gluten free or wholemeal, not many will have that wholesome varieties.

Something for lunch?

Vietnamese bakeries are also famous for their ROLLS- normally less than $5. Its basically a sandwich station like SUBWAY kind of style using special traditional Vietnamese sauces, meat and salads. I have friends who eat them religiously and no one ever complained but will end up with a big smile. Meat used normally are Chicken, Pork, Prawn or luncheon meat Viet style.


Bread and Rolls- 4/5! :)

* If you live on an Asian strip or closed by to a Vietnamese populated Suburb, there will be one just around the corner. Be adventurous and venture around, you will be surprise what you can find just minutes away.

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